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About the Photographer

Borned in Penampang Sabah and currently residing in Sandakan Sabah, he started his photography as a hobby back then in 2007. That hobby quickly turn into passion as he ventures more into the world full of artistic where only limited by one's mind and imagination. Born under the sign of Gemini, he simply love to add different elements and ideas to create a different world with his lenses.

Working with Malaysia Airlines added extra advantages to be in different part of the world and captures the beautiful architectural and cultures and instill them in his trusted lense. It also added another big advantages as capturing once in a lifetime moments in different part of the world would be possible and less charged..

Happily married, his wife also shares the beautiful art of photography and has since became his sidekicks in events or even simply any outing. Together they became a great partner in crime and added more colourful touches with her faminine touch and his artistic eyes.

To sum up it all, they simply put life in their photography and hope you became a part of it too.

God bless ...

".. Thank you for believing. Photography is about what the eyes captures, the emotions that the heart felt and finally embedding all of it in a photograph. Now thats what photography is all about..."

Aldrian Willon

Your's Truly... Aldrian Willon

Your's Truly... Aldrian Willon

Etiques guidelines for meeting fellow photographer

General photographer etiques (or etika in Malay ) have never actually been highlighted in any programes or workshop that i have ever attended. Most of the etiques are the one we learn through times and sometimes it can be harsh or even embarrasement for a photographer just because he/she are lack of etiques knowledge. Now, I am not an etiques specialist  but through experience I actually learn a few things that might not be that important for you but nevertheless it might save you from total embarassement. Please take some time to read through and you just might thank me one day :) ....

 When meeting another fellow photographer NEVER EVER

a) Criticized his/her gears :- Never say "Alaaaa why you buy this camera.. this camera not good baa.. you should have bought this type "... There is no "wrong" camera out there ... all of the camera are build to meet certain individuals likings. Just because it is small or less powerful than yours doesn't mean they cannot take better picture than you.

b) Criticized his/her pictures :- Never condemned other pictures just because the picture looks odd or over expose or simply dark. When they make mistake, tell them nicely what you think should have been proper and not just simply thrash talk the picture. Respect the time and effort that they have taken. We all came from that stage before.

c) Use their gears without asking their permission :- Some photographers took ages just to bought certain high end equipment so to just simply get excited and take their gears and start shooting without asking properly could be well consider as rude. I've seen a fellow photographer almost choke when a newcomer simply grab his kit worth more than 15k and started to shoot it without properly asking under the rain! I can see his teeth grinding at that time...

d) Ask their opinions over and over and over again :- Photographers are there on a reason, that is to take pictures. So by keep on asking them to evaluate your pictures or your setting all the time, you are actually distracting them thus making them feel really irritated.

e) Follow them where ever they go ;- We call this Tagging.  Now it's not wrong to follow your mentor, but by being a TAG and taking picture on every thing he/she pointing at will actually make you look as if you are not creative enough to find your own object to shoot. Give them some space, just like you need yours too.

f) Ask to show every picture that they have just took :- Don't keep on asking to view the photo unless he/she wants to show you themself.

g) Bragging :- Never Brag! yep, you might have L lense, you might have taken a supermodel pictures, you might have been paid highly for a function, but keep that to yourself unless you were ask to share of your experiences. Human are judge by their words, photographers are judge by their photo's and not words alone. Besides you never know who you are talking to, they might be a Grandmaster photographers who just wanted to test you.

h) Try to show off :- Ok this once happen to a friend of mine who covered a wedding function that i attended not long ago. He was paid to cover up the whole day wedding function and the brother of the bride happen to own a semi pro DSLR too. To my astonishment, the brother started to take a picture one after another with his heavy flash gun and he will go way to the front overshadowing the actual paid photographer itself. My friend started to fuss that he himself unable to get a good position because the brother keep on blocking his way and the strobe from the flash gun effected his shot every time. I pity my friend and eventhough so far i haven't encounter such situation (maybe my size does gives me an advantage!) but to those who happens to be in a function and happen to bring your gears, it's okay to actually take some shots but please do respect the actual paid photographer because his/her reputation is on the line. Be courteous and don't try to overshadow them because you never know, it might happen to you one day.

i) Control every conversation :- Sometimes when people get over excited, they tend to talk and talk and talk till it became obvious that you just want the others listen to your oppinion and not to listen to theirs. Please remember that every photographers have their own point of view so please take some time to pause and let the other photographers says whats in their mind. You never know, you just might learn something new.

j) Get emotional when being criticized :- Okay, maybe there are time certain photographers come and share their point of view which is against your own belief or they started to criticized your photos eventhough you don' totally agree with them. Please my friend, do not try and attack them back because sometimes the critics are just pointing out your weaknesses or they truly just wanted to help you in making you a better photographer. Have an open mind all the time. But what happen when the critics just wanted to attack you due to personal reason? Simply smile, say thank you and walk away. It's simply not worth the fight. Your pictures are your artwork and remember " lies in the hand of the beholder..".   

Will be bringing you more etiques  guidelines for photographers in the future. Till then, stay smart stay healthy and keep those shutters cracking! Cheers ...

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