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About the Photographer

Borned in Penampang Sabah and currently residing in Sandakan Sabah, he started his photography as a hobby back then in 2007. That hobby quickly turn into passion as he ventures more into the world full of artistic where only limited by one's mind and imagination. Born under the sign of Gemini, he simply love to add different elements and ideas to create a different world with his lenses.

Working with Malaysia Airlines added extra advantages to be in different part of the world and captures the beautiful architectural and cultures and instill them in his trusted lense. It also added another big advantages as capturing once in a lifetime moments in different part of the world would be possible and less charged..

Happily married, his wife also shares the beautiful art of photography and has since became his sidekicks in events or even simply any outing. Together they became a great partner in crime and added more colourful touches with her faminine touch and his artistic eyes.

To sum up it all, they simply put life in their photography and hope you became a part of it too.

God bless ...

".. Thank you for believing. Photography is about what the eyes captures, the emotions that the heart felt and finally embedding all of it in a photograph. Now thats what photography is all about..."

Aldrian Willon

Your's Truly... Aldrian Willon

Your's Truly... Aldrian Willon

Little Pinoy Boy

Just want to share to you guys a short story. During my flight to Clark Philipine, i was trying to catch as much sleep as possible. Both me and my wife are extremely exhausted due to our last minute change of plan to fly to Manila via Clark instead of Langkawi due to a photography project. When i about to doze off however came a little cute Pinoy (Philipine) boy i guess about the age of two or three years old that keep on staring at us. Trying my best to ignore him, I decided to turn my attention to the aircraft window and slowly pushing myself to dreamland. Next thing however i noticed that he is actually standing right by the side of our seat staring and giving that innocent look. Being a photographer, I just can't let that boy expression goes to waste. Next came the gears and as i started to lock on his face, he just stood there looking. My wife did the same, start snapping his "expression"less face. Then my wife showed him his pictures which to his delight, he made some scream and the parents came and took him away.

His moment captured....

*sigh* i miss my boys ... 

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