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About the Photographer

Borned in Penampang Sabah and currently residing in Sandakan Sabah, he started his photography as a hobby back then in 2007. That hobby quickly turn into passion as he ventures more into the world full of artistic where only limited by one's mind and imagination. Born under the sign of Gemini, he simply love to add different elements and ideas to create a different world with his lenses.

Working with Malaysia Airlines added extra advantages to be in different part of the world and captures the beautiful architectural and cultures and instill them in his trusted lense. It also added another big advantages as capturing once in a lifetime moments in different part of the world would be possible and less charged..

Happily married, his wife also shares the beautiful art of photography and has since became his sidekicks in events or even simply any outing. Together they became a great partner in crime and added more colourful touches with her faminine touch and his artistic eyes.

To sum up it all, they simply put life in their photography and hope you became a part of it too.

God bless ...

".. Thank you for believing. Photography is about what the eyes captures, the emotions that the heart felt and finally embedding all of it in a photograph. Now thats what photography is all about..."

Aldrian Willon

Your's Truly... Aldrian Willon

Your's Truly... Aldrian Willon

Be Always Prepare....

Going out for a dinner in Ocean Seafood Sandakan with the whole family, taking a picture is the least in my mind. While indulging on the food and trying to keep my little one from making a mess, my eyes keep on looking at these two boats that is half submerge due to exceptional high tide on that night. With the rain started to drizzles, we were on our way back to the car when my instinct kicks in. Being a photographer, I can't leave this perfect timing goes to waste. I was so lucky that all my gears are inside my car all the time. After entertaining a few onlookers and brazing the drizzles, I manage to get that photo above with 30 seconds exposure. It's never be wrong to always be prepared.

Why too much knowledge will kill your photography...

Picture taken at Manila Philipine. This church are made from pure steel!

You may be taken aback with the title of this post, but please read through and you just might understand what I am trying to share.

In my journey i've met a lot of fellow photographers that I have seen been nurtured and have grown and transformed themselves from a nobody to somebody in the world of photography. I can say however that i'm not fully surprise as I have seen them when they just started to pick up their camera's and already have shown a very high potential and you can see the gift of an artistic eyes in them. However there are some who have become drown in these field and end up not only loosing their artistic sense but also have become from good to bad to worse in their photography.

I met a young passionate guy who started way earlier than me. In fact, it was him that have brought me into this world of photography myself so i do owe him a lot. I was so taken into his world everytime he talks about photography, the passion and the fire in him untill he can turn the most humble object and make it alive. His eyes will wonder all the time looking around him, sensing everything and like a hunter with a gun in his hand, he will point his lense and started clicking and to my amazement will always end up making a magic with it.

Destiny however made us apart and I only manage to follow his photography career through his blog. His pictures became more and more beautiful and interesting but through time it started to become too technical. Even in his blog he doesn't share the passion or the story anymore but more on technics and settings making it too complicated to understand. The picture quality surpasses normal but the feel and moment are no more to be seen in his photos.

Fate once again brought us together, and a quick chat confirmed me my greatest fear, he have lost his artistic touch. All the time he will be speaking on settings, on the figures, the formulas, the gears and so on but the passion and the fire in him have died. Photography didn't became his passion anymore but more on a career. Even when I ask him about how he look on certain objects, he will be talking from the technical point of view. A good handshake ends our meeting but in my mind I do miss the guy who once brought fire in me.

Fellow friends, I do hope that in search of becoming a true genuine photographer, please don't let those overly technical aspect kills of the passion and the artistic eye in you. I can see a lot of fellow photographer nowadays who opt for the settings rather than the story behind some great pictures and the growing frustation of not getting the settings right. Remember, what right in other peoples eyes may not be right in your eyes... So rather than trying hard to impress people, impress those who truly appreciate your artwork like yourself. If you thinks it's beautiful than it is beautiful.

Leornado Da Vinci didn't went around and ask wether his artwork on Monalisa was correct... He just painted them!


My little boy

Had a chance to capture this moment of my little boy trying to hide behind the tree ... Makes me appreciate life, that no matter what we do in this world, family must always come first for they are the future and the root of all happiness. Never ever neglect them no matter what comes in life, for wealth may come and go but family will always be there no matter how high or low the tides and mountains are. Be thankfull to what God have given to us. Always be thankfull........

  Shot at Sandakan pow war  Memorial

Canon vs Nikon durablility test video

Okay, please do not get emotional when these guys "tortured" these DSLR, but it does give you the hindsight on which brands are tougher. So the next time you drop your DSLR, you can pretty sure know how extent you need to do to totally kill it. Enjoy the video guys.

The Canon vs Nikon durablility test

Video courtesy of YouTube..


Canon Vs Nikon

Off all the post i've ever written, this has got to be the toughest one. It started with a question from one of my fellow reader who simply ask me " Which one is better , Canon or Nikon (when it comes to DSLR)?" I thought it was an easy assesment till i started doing the research.

You see, I am a Canon guy. Since day one when i touch the photo film till the digital edge i've always been a Canon guy. So it's gonna be a bit biase' when i'm doing a comparison between these two digital photography giants. So in order to give a precise judgement, I went and interview some of the Nikons great guru and try to capture as much accurate information as possible. Please be inform however that these facts findings and writings are merely my point of view and as accurate as the time this piece are written and any miss information or miss guidance are not my liability.

Okay, first and foremost i will not go to technically on these two products as any newbies who wanted to buy their first DSLR will have tons of information on the net. So what will I write then if i won't do the technical part? Well i will simply share the pro and cons of these two brand base on my research.

Okay, first of all you can't have a direct comparison of any DSLR from this two brand, Canon or Nikon. It's not like you can compare a  Mithsubishi Evolution and a Nissan Skyline as their spec is almost similar but to have two DSLR with the same spec is almsot impossible, in fact none of these two brands have a similar spec. The nearest competition i would use is a Nikon D90 and a Canon 550D. Both may can take HD video but yet Canon 550D are built with 18 megapixel cmos sensor while the Nikon D90 are built with only 12.3 megapix. The price is almost similar but Nikon D90 are a bit cheaper though which is one of the reason why it is the favourite for newbies. Besides, Nikon D90 gives a better lense kit which is the 18-105 mm compare to Canon 550D which only gives 18-55 mm lense kit. Overall check on the lense kit however does shows that Nikkor lense for Nikon is slightly more expensive compare to Canon lense.

Picture quality however varied on certain situation. I do admit when it comes to smooth and warm photo's, Canon does have that extra edge thanks to it's Digic 4 digital processor. However, Nikon will give you that extra crisp and super sharp images especially in low light situation. Portraiture is a win situation for Canon but for natural scenery i have to give it to Nikon.

After been involve with Nikon D90 and compring it with my own Canon 550D I could make a conclusion that basically these two brands have it's own strength and weaknesses. Canon strength lies on it's processor that gives you that warmth and beautiful portraits but it's weaknesses lies on it's lack of affordable kits compares to Nikon that have bundles of kits and with affordability does gives you the favouritsm among beginners. However it's weaknesses i must admit lies on it's weight which is slightly heavier but yet i know some of you does love a heavier machine ( but with bigger longer lense and speedlight the weight does effect your performance especially in a long events ).

At the end of the day, it all lies on the user. Both are great equipment. With proper adjustment and setting, both equipment will give you the best photo that you have been long for. So how do you know which one suits you the best? Hold it and start taking a few snap, you will know immediately which one meant for you. I know mine.....